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Policy Brief

Afghan Women and the Taliban: An Exploratory Assessment

10 Apr 2014
Policy Brief by Seran de Leede

Recent years have seen an increase in visible and sometimes even prominent roles for women in terrorist organisations. Both academics and organisations involved in counter-terrorism have paid increasing attention to he role of women not only as supporters of, but also as opponents to political violence. This Policy Brief examines the position of women in Afghanistan vis-à-vis the Taliban. Research Fellow Seran de Leede explores if Afghan women have been involved in the armed struggle of the Taliban as either active or passive supporters. She also considers the resilience women have shown towards political violence in Afghanistan and the possible role women can play in countering violent extremism in the country. Ultimately, this Policy Brief aims to contribute to a better understanding of the role of women in (countering) political violence in Afghanistan.

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How to cite: Leede, S. de. "Afghan Women and the Taliban: An Exploratory Assessment", The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague 5, no. 1 (2014).