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Research Paper

Al-Hazimiyya: The Ideological Conflict Destroying the Islamic State from Within

04 May 2021
Long read by Tore Hamming

While the Islamic State’s early years after its expansion from Iraq to Syria are generally considered a success, it was also during this period that internal ideological tensions developed within the group. The emerging faction of al-Hazimiyya, named after the Saudi cleric Ahmad al-Hazimi, instigated a power struggle within the group that posed a serious threat to the Islamic State’s internal cohesion and which eventually resulted in it fragmenting. Based on the author’s doctoral research, this report details the internal conflict within the Islamic State, how it evolved over time and its impact on the group. Through two brief case studies, it also details, with the scarce sources available, how the conflict migrated outside of the Levant to influence European networks of Islamic State sympathizers in the Netherlands and in Austria among other places.

* The ISSN number that is in the PDF is incorrect. The correct ISSN number is 2468-0664. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.