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Applicability of Channel Vulnerability Assessment Framework and Programme for Kosovo

23 May 2024
Policy Brief by Richard McNeil-Willson

This paper examines the applicability of the Channel Vulnerability Assessment Framework and the Channel procedures in the context of Kosovo. It does this by examining the way in which the current Channel procedures are constructed with regard to risk assessment, the process of referrals, and the methods of rehabilitation or deradicalisation. The paper will also look at some of the problems of criticisms of the Channel approach, and the problematic implications that such an approach may have, as well as considering whether and how there might be an opportunity to remedy or resolve these. Ultimately, the paper finds that there are both risks and possibilities with deploying a Channel framework in a Kosovan context, although significant care must be taken, as the British context presents significant differences to the Kosovan, whilst it is also important to avoid replicating the mistakes that have been made by the UK Government during Prevent and Channel implementation.