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Research Paper

Transitioning from Military Interventions to a Long-Term Counter-Terrorism Policy

06 Aug 2014
Long read by Sergei Boeke

The past two decades have shown that it is arguably easier to start a military intervention than to end one. This Research Paper looks at exit strategies from a counter-terrorism perspective, focussing on the link between the end of military interventions and the establishment and implementation of a long term counter-terrorism strategy. While the entry strategy of an intervention is preferred to be clearly defined, Research Fellow Mr. Boeke shows that the exit strategy Dapoxetine UK requires more flexibility. Using examples from recent military operations, he identifies four types of military exits and their consequences for implementing a long-term counter-terrorism policy. Where before military strategies mostly focussed on the actual war, this Paper shows the importance of combining traditional military actions with comprehensive counter-terrorism strategies in order to address the root of the issues.

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How to cite: Boeke, S. "Transitioning from Military Interventions to a Long-Term Counter-Terrorism Policy", The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague 5, no. 6 (2014).