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Ongoing Projects

Database on Interlinkages between Terrorism and International Crimes

The Swedish Department of Justice is funding the expansion of ICCT's existing database collection of domestic cases in which terrorists have been tried for core international crimes. This will expand to cover all countries where trials for terrorism and war crimes have taken place. The information gathered will be analysed with a view to identifying challenges, areas for development, and good practice in prosecuting individuals both for terrorism and for any other crimes they may have committed, including crimes against girls and women.

It is envisaged that this database will achieve the following objectives:

  • Increasing the understanding of the nexus between terrorism, sexual and gender-based violence, human trafficking, migrant smuggling and core international crimes;
  • Strengthening the (international and national) legislative framework and its implementation; 
  • Enhance prosecutorial strategies and evidence collection from the conflict zones; 
  • Strengthening the position of, and providing more dignity to, victims.

ICCT has already collected over 40 domestic cases in which terrorists were prosecuted for core international crimes. The reasoning of judges is also analysed wherever possible. ICCT will continue these efforts, expanding its database to cover all countries where trials for terrorism and core international crimes have taken place. This database will be made available to relevant researchers and practitioners.