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The Global Politics of Counter-Terrorism

Episode 2: The End of a Western-Dominated Global CT Agenda? With Marc Hecker

In our second episode, we speak with Marc Hecker, Director of Research and Communications and the Editor-in-Chief of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

Marc Hecker discusses his own professional journey in the field of counter-terrorism, the history of the twenty year global war on terror, whether we’ve reached the end of a Western global CT agenda, France and the Sahel region, the Wagner group and the future of European values in CT. Interviewing him is Alexander von Rosenbach, ICCT’s business manager.

About this series

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“The Global Politics of Counter-Terrorism” is an ICCT podcast series that was started during our Annual Conference in 2022. The series delves into recent geopolitical shifts and their impact on human rights and the counter-terrorism agenda — through conversations with practitioners, academics, and policy-makers.