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Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses

Episode 3: Anti-institutional extremism in Europe

In this third episode, we speak to Julia Ebner, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) in London and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford University’s Calleva Centre of Evolution and Human Sciences, and Jelle van Buuren, Assistant Professor at Leiden University, Institute of Security and Global Affairs.  

Julia and Jelle discuss what anti-institutional extremism looks like in Europe today and what the key differences are between countries and regions. They also analyse how this movement has evolved, what its key issues are today, and how extremists in Europe are being affected by developments in the US or in Russia.  

About this series

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“Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses” is an ICCT podcast series that explores forms of extremism that oppose the government and the perceived oppression from a globalised elite, often fueled by conspiracy narratives and disinformation. This series analyses what anti-institutional extremism looks like in North America and Europe today, and how it can be addressed and countered — through conversations with practitioners, academics, and policy-makers.