How to submit


To submit an abstract, a full manuscript, or to discuss publishing in any of our formats, please contact the Editorial Team at

How to Submit

As a standard practice, we accept submissions from experts in their relevant fields with proven experience and knowledge through prior published work, or otherwise established expertise. We also welcome submissions from PhD graduates or academics further along in their career.

In order to maintain a standardised and high quality of work and ensure a smooth review process, the ICCT Journal kindly asks prospective authors to use the following checklists as guidance when preparing your submission to the ICCT Journal. Please check, fill in and attach the appropriate checklist with your submission.


Policy Briefs

Research Papers

Review Process

ICCT adheres to a double-blind peer-review process. Research papers will be evaluated by two reviewers with expertise in the subject matter of the manuscript. Policy Briefs will be evaluated by one reviewer. Perspectives are reviewed internally by the editors. The editors will make every effort to notify authors of the decision within:

  • Eight weeks of receipt of Research Papers;
  • Six weeks of receipt of Policy Briefs;
  • One of two weeks for Perspectives. Particularly timely perspectives covering topic of the day can be reviewed and published within 48hrs, but authors must explicitly state this in the submission process.

*All timelines indicated above are subject to the availability of relevant reviewers.

ICCT reserves the right to reject any submission without elucidation. Manuscripts that are accepted on condition of revision may be subject to a second review after revisions are received.