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Policy Brief

Returning Indonesian Extremists: Unclear Intentions and Unprepared Responses

12 Jul 2018
Policy Brief by Cameron Sumpter

A number of Indonesian nationals who support the self-styled Islamic State have now returned home from the Middle East. Some may have received military training or even seen combat, but so far the majority have been those who failed in their attempts to enter Syria and Iraq from Turkey and were subsequently deported. While recent updates to anti-terrorism legislation offer potential avenues for prosecuting militants returning from abroad, many of those coming home with extremist convictions will be reintegrated back into society. Since 2017, over 200 forcibly repatriated Indonesians have been sent back to their communities following a one-month ‘rehabilitation’ period in state care. Additional funding, human resources and effective coordination among stakeholders will be required for such reintegration efforts to produce positive outcomes.